Kidzones Holiday Programme Agreement

Welcome to Kidzone. smiley

We aim to provide a safe and stimulating programme for your children to enjoy during the holiday break.

If you wish to enroll your child/ren in the Kidzone Holiday Programme,  please read thoroughly the following conditions.


1. All children including those attending on a casual basis must be formally enrolled before attendance.

2. The supervisor will be advised immediately of any change to the enrolment form.

3. All children are to be collected no later than 5.30pm each day.

4. The supervisor is to be advised if someone other than the appointed person is collecting the children. No child/ren will be released to an unauthorised person.

5. Children must be signed out when collected. If you wish your child to be signed in/out by Kidzone please tick permission box.

6. Fees are to be paid in advance. We do not refund fees or provide credits. Full fees are applicable for any days your child is booked to attend but is absent. No cancellations within this period will be accepted. Staff are rostered on due to numbers booked prior to holidays commencing. Staff still have to be paid if cancellations occur and they are not required. Bank Details: Kamo/Whau Valley 12 3093 0326061 00 Tikipunga 12 3093 0270088 00

7. WINZ applications must be presented to WINZ and approved prior to holidays commencing. New applicants must provide a stamped copy as verification that WINZ have received the application.

8. Any unpaid account that is sent to a debt collection agency will incur further fees, which is the responsibility of the debtor.

9. It is the Parent/Caregivers responsibility to provide a helmet for your child should they bring a bike to the programme. If it is not a specified “wheels” day Kidzone takes no responsibility for children on bikes.

PENALTIES: A penalty fee of $10.00 may be charged for failure to collect children by closing time. (This is to cover the cost of wages.)



1. A full copy of the programmes operating policies, including the process for voicing concerns or complaints is available at the programme. Any queries or concerns should be initially directed to the supervisor

2. Behaviour that consistently affects the quality of care available to other children may result in dismissal from the service, after other possibilities have been explored.

3. Any disagreement of fees or other concerns may be discussed with Sandra North.

4. I acknowledge however in signing this form, that neither the staff nor management of Kidzone Ltd will be liable for any loss or damage (by way of accident, injury, theft or otherwise) arising out of attendance at the programme.

5. Kidzone have scooters at the programmes. Many children also bring scooters along. There is a level of risk in riding scooters. If you do not wish your child to ride on scooters please make this know to the staff or write on this form.