Totara Grove After School Care Enquiry

Kidzone operates from between the hours of 3pm and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday in the Totara Grove school hall.

Kidzone provides a professional service, which will give your child a safe, secure environment to enjoy whilst in our care.

The staff at Kidzone create a genuine sense of belonging and security where your child is free to relax and enjoy each other’s company and try out new things. We have a staff ration of 1:10 therefore the staff have time to get to know the children in their care and search out opportunities that will inspire, challenge and give every child a chance to shine. They are dedicated to providing your child with the best quality care and enjoyment while at Kidzone.

The children are served a substantial afternoon tea each day as we find most children are very hungry afterschool. We provide fruit, either fresh buns, mousetraps, homemade pizza etc and home baking is made most days.

A designated homework time can be organised each day if you would like your child to do their homework while at Kidzone. Please discuss this at the time of registering your child.


Please fill out the following form to enrol your child or children in our programme.

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Children 3
Children 4
I give permission to administer first aid and to seek emergency treatment if necessary.

Privacy Act 1993: The information that you have provided is necessary for the safe and effective operation of the programme and will be used for the sole purpose of emergencies, birthdays and health and safety of the children as set out in the Policies and Procedures. If you have any questions regarding the programme, Complaints, Code of Behaviour and/or the Prevention of Child Abuse Policies etc please refer to the Programmes Policies and Procedures, which are available upon request. All information about individuals is available to them for review at any time. As the monitoring agency for OSCAR services, Child Youth and Family may require access to this enrolment information


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